Where in the UK does Essex Oak Frame work?

Essex Oak Frame works throughout the UK, but predominately in Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Suffolk and Norfolk.

What is an oak framed building?

An oak frame makes up the structure of the building, which can be anything from an extension or conservatory to a complete house. The fabric of the building’s structure is constructed between and around the oak beams, and is usually brick, wood or glass. The option to have exposed oak frame on both the exterior and interior of the building creates aesthetically pleasing and characterful design opportunities.

What are the environmental benefits of an oak framed building?

By nature, timber frame buildings will result in far lower CO2 emissions than traditional brick build, you can read more about the environmental benefits of oak frame buildings here.

Is an oak frame extension suitable for a modern house?

Absolutely! Oak frame extensions can be as contemporary or as traditional as you choose, and we will always advise you on the best way to ensure your extension is in keeping with the design of your property. 

Why choose oak framed?

We’re a bit biased on this one, but we genuinely believe that our passion for oak and using time-honoured craftsmanship to design, manufacture and install bespoke, beautiful creations from sustainably sourced oak enables us to deliver a range of high-quality, beautiful options crafted in solid oak to last a lifetime and beyond. Why wouldn’t you choose oak?

How long will an oak framed building last?

A lot longer than any of us! There are stunning oak framed buildings in the UK that were built in the 15th century and as we use the same craftsmanship and techniques, we believe our buildings have the same life expectancy as their ancestors.

What types of building can Essex Oak Frame create?

Whether you are looking for a new build house, renovation, extension, conservatory, orangery, cart lodge, garage, garden building, workshop, play room, man cave, pool room, gym or studio, we can create the perfect oak framed structure.

Are you affiliated with English Heritage?

Essex Oak Frame is one of the UK’s most trusted oak conservation and restoration specialists. A certified English Heritage conservation specialist, we design, specify and complete complex conservation and renovation projects on some of the region’s most historic buildings.

Is all your oak sustainable?

A passion for oak starts with sustainability. Aligned to TRADA and the Timber Framers Guild, Essex Oak Frame is committed to the most sustainable methods of sourcing and working with timber. By nature, timber frame buildings will result in far lower CO2 emissions than traditional brick build, you can read more about the environmental benefits of oak frame buildings here.

Most raw oak is sourced in the UK from managed woodlands or large-scale motorway clearance projects, to be aged and stored at the workshop site in Essex.

Essex Oak Frame is also a preferred end-user of local woodland management schemes, often, timber used on site will be sustainably coppiced from local woodland close to its new destination as part of a building.

What is green oak?

When we talk about green oak, we are referring to how fresh from the tree it is (cut within 18 months of the tree being felled), not its colour.

Why work with green oak?

Green oak has a high moisture content which makes it easier to shape, enabling craftsmen to create the inherently beautiful curves in architecture that are synonymous with oak. Green oak hardens to more than ten times the natural design strength and lasts for generations.

Will green oak shrink?

As green oak matures and dries it will shrink and move, but to a skilled craftsman that is a gift, not a problem! Our technical competence allows us to work to TRADA recommendations to ensure our design methods anticpate shrinkage and make the most of the natural elements of green oak to create stronger joints and give more character to the frame.

Is an oak framed building always a more expensive option?

No, you may be pleasantly surprised at how competitively priced oak framed structures can be. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your budget. We are always transparent in our pricing and will let you know whether or not we can meet your build expectations within your budget

Can I assemble my building myself?

We can provide bespoke oak frames as part of a turn-key building service or as a standalone product, depending on your requirements. We hand join our oak frames using traditional time-served jointing methods and joints are always hand finished and tested before the frame leaves the workshop. If you have the skills to assemble it yourself or have your own tradesmen that you wish to use, we are able to supply the frame to your specifications.  

Why should I choose Essex Oak Frame?

Every Essex Oak Frame project is unique, and anything is possible. To create a truly bespoke design, our team of experts will work with you to understand how you want the space to look and feel and look at how your oak frame building can deliver an architectural statement and work in harmony with its surroundings. We have never had a building with issues following completion of a project and everything we do is to British Standards. Every detail is bespoke, take a tour of our projects for inspiration.

If I tell you what I want, can I leave the rest to you?

Most definitely! If you have previously taken on even a small building project, you will know how stressful and complicated it can be. Trying to find synergy with planners, builders, groundworkers, fitters and electricians can be a minefield, costs can escalate, and deadlines can get missed.

What is ‘turnkey’ service’?

A turnkey service takes care of the whole project, from design to delivery and everything in-between, meaning all you need to do is turn your key in the door and enjoy. Available for part, or all of the project, the Essex Oak Frame turnkey service has been designed with our customers in mind and is proving a popular option for private and commercial clients. We use experienced local tradespeople and master craftsmen or was can work with your contractors, whichever you prefer.