Don’t move, improve!

It’s a well-worn phrase, it even has an awards ceremony named in its honour, but ultimately those three words are music to our ears here at Essex Oak Frame. We know that when you take all the costs associated with moving to a new house into account, you will have a significant proportion of funds to put towards your extension, conversion, garden building or multi-use cart-lodge, whichever oak-framed improvement you choose for your home.

How do I decide which option works best for me?

Before you start deciding on the style of your improvement, we believe it is important to ascertain exactly what it is you are lacking in your home right now. It could be as simple as needing an extra bedroom, a study now you’re working from home, or an extension to your kitchen to give you more family and entertaining space. Once you have decided, look at your property as a whole, and this includes the outside areas. Are you making the best use of what you have already? For instance, if you’re looking for more entertaining space, could you knock through and convert the garage and then build a bespoke oak framed cart lodge with a games room above it? What about building a detached home office in the garden; allowing you to escape the distractions of the household but negating the need for a daily commute?

At Essex Oak Frame we can be involved in your project from the very first steps. Providing options and ideas to ensure you end up with the solution you seek, in traditional, long-lasting oak.


If you are considering a timber-framed extension, solid oak creates so many opportunities in design, development, and durability. With wow factor in spades, you can maximise the aesthetic value of exposed timber and create an addition to your home that will age beautifully.

The additional benefit of an oak framed extension is the reduction in upheaval to your household. Whilst the preparation and groundworks are being carried out, we are building the oak frame in our workshops, delivering it pre-assembled so it can be erected and completed in days.

Conservatory or Orangery   

An oak-framed conservatory or orangery look amazing on period and modern houses. We can build a traditional or contemporary addition to your home that will make a statement and add value to the property.

Our expertise in designing and building oak conservatories allows us to maximise the aesthetic potential of oak as well as ensuring we work with the natural properties of the wood to create a secure, weatherproof, long-lasting, quality addition to your home. 

Garden buildings

An oak-framed garden building is a bespoke, hassle-free (as the oak frame is delivered ready to be erected) opportunity for you to create the space you need, easily accessible but suitably distanced from your home. Whether it’s a home office, a guest annexe, gym, den or games room you will have a stunning addition that can include design features such as vaulted windows, exposed beams, and even a free-flowing veranda or decking. 

Why Essex Oak Frame?

With the Essex Oak Frame turnkey service, we can manage everything from planning (if required) and design to groundworks, installation, glazing, finishing, and landscaping. Alternatively, we can just supply the oak frame to your contractors. Our craftsmen are here to share their skills and expertise so you can have the home of your dreams.

If you’re looking to improve your home rather than move, contact us today and find out how Essex Oak Frame can help you to realise your dream.